MainWP on Local - Invalid request%21

Hi there,

I have loaded MainWP onto local and then uploaded the child to my live website - but when i try and add a new site to the Local MainWP dashboard it comes back with an Invalid request%21.
I have searched around for the answer but no luck. When i do a connection text - this comes back successful - code 200.
Has anyone else had these issues?
Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you

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Hello, Did you resolve this?

I tried all the solutions I could find, including the method of choosing ‘Windows’ in the Wizard and then adding the path to the certificate, none worked.

I finally had success when I downloaded and installed Local v 3.3.0 and installation of the Child site was successful, choosing MacOS in the Wizard.

Previously I had tried on LocalByFlywheel v 5.7.2 and also 5.7.4 (the latest version) with no success.

Further update. The instructions on this thread fixed the problem for me: Trying To Use MainWP On Local But Keep Getting An Error When Trying To Connect Sites

In short,
Use the Wizard to setup. Choose Windows (yes, even if you are a Mac), then enter /private/etc/ssl/openssl.cnf in the path field.

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