Manual export instead of built in function

Is there a way to manually export a site: most of the sites I tried to export, I got an error (notification says unable to dump “could not dump database from XXXX”.
The logs stops with : “mydumper process complete” and then “Segmentation fault”…
Quite systematic !!!
And I’d like to move those local sites on a new macbook. could I copy the root folder of the site and paste it in the new machine and arrange something with a fake local-site.json made by hand ?
I’ve seen something in the forum regarding this… but my case is different: I the app/sql folder, there is just one file called metadata.partial that only contains “Started dump at …”

And another question: Am I alone with these exports pbl ? Are you working on it for the next release and when weill be that next release (for mac)?
Thank you,

I’m wondering if this has to do with the fact that I often use wp all in one migration plugin for importing whole sites of part of sites (just the database for example)…

Hi Fabrice,


Have you tried exporting the database using Adminer or Sequel Pro?

Hi! I have the same issue. And even more: I broke my virtual machine and I can not enter to adminer o sequel admin. I have several installations, but the metadata.partial only appears in one of them, and I need to rescue the database.

Thank you very much!

Yes I can export with adminer (just tried now)… So is there a fastest way than creating an empty wordpress instance, replacing the files and then importing the DB ?
How come there is this “Segmentation fault” ?
Should I put my export file in the app/sql folder and rename it in some ways ?
Thank you.