Migrate LOCAL site to FlyWheel live site

I was asked by FlyWheel Support to post this here.

I am using Local by Flywheel for my development sites. A few of my issues are that I’m not able to use my own naming conventions like I can with other local options without changing settings and everything all over the place. This is the same for Flywheel, I can use settings I want, I have to confirm to whatever is setup when I create my site.

Database Name

My issues is when I backup my site using the Migration Option in UpdraftPlus (latest version) I can’t restore it on my live site in Flywheel without is destroying my site and breaking it. I then have to restore from a Flywheel backup in order to get my site back up again. This happens every time for a total of 6 today.

Using the Live Link option does not carry over any of my CSS and the site looks terrible so I can’t even use this now to show clients what I’m working on without using a staging site, which by the way does not work because I can’t restore the migration file.

This is not due to UpdraftPlus as I have also used All In Once WP Migration and the same thing happens except it does not destroy my site, it just simply fails every time.

PHP Version 7.0.3
MySQL 5…6.34

Someone please help this has been a day wasted and nothing gained. I’ve checked all the topics and have not found any solid answers. By the way, having Flywheel support do the work is not an answer, I need to be able to do this many times a day and contacting support every time I need something imported is a little ridiculous.