Migrating Sites from Existing XAMPP and Directory Structure


I’ve been running my local dev environment on XAMPP successfully for a while now. A few of the features in Local look great, so I’ve installed it to see how it works out. Excuse this question if it should be more obvious but I’m not finding any obvious documentation (other than this form) for Local sooo …

My existing local sites are already installed in subdirs under ‘D:_server\htdocs’

I want to use Local to both:

A) Install new sites under that directory path under the subdirs I choose (I have subdirs under htdocs for /clients, /portfolio … etc and I want to keep that structure intact)


B) Use the existing site installs exactly in the subdirs where they already sit

C) I currently use Duplicator to clone complete starter install package into my subdir structure. I want to continue to use my starter site package with Local

In the case of installing new sites - I set the Default Sites Path in Preferences to ‘D:_server\htdocs’. So at least I might be on the right track with that.

But is that option going to allow me to choose what subdirectory to install a new site to?

In the case of ‘importing’ / migrating all of my existing local sites I’m a bit lost.

  • Do I need to use Duplicator to export out every site, then reimport it back into Local?

  • If so: is Local going to create a new copy of the existing site?

  • If it is creating a new copy of the site - am I going to be able to control where the new site is going to be installed to? ie can i simply point the new site install back to the directory where it came from, then delete the original install once I have verified the new install is working?

  • What is the workflow for using my Duplicator starter site package with Local? Given my environment setup described here

This looks like it might be a nice ‘shiny new toy’ (demo URLs, local SSL, hot swapping) but I have jobs in progress and a local environment that’s working, so any help would be appreciated before I go too much further down a rabbit hole I might not be able to dig out of easily :slight_smile: Thanks!.