Missing Hosts Entry + TLS Certificate Woes

Hey there,

Having a problem with Local where the whole thing just sorta… borks on me. Today I went to use it and it said that my site (I only have one on it right now) has a “Missing hosts entry”. When I went to fix it, nothing happened after I typed my password in.

After doing this repeatedly, I shut down the computer and rebooted to see if that would fix the problem.

At that point, perhaps unrelated, I had another issue where Local would not open because of something to do with the Docker and TLS Certificates, which it kept trying to renew on a loop.

After a few minutes of that, I quit Local again and booted back up. Local then opened, and only after all of that did it launch properly.

So at this point I’ve rebooted my computer once and quit Local once since then. Now that I’m finally in, I’m able to click the “Fix” button beside the “Missing hosts entry” warning. I punch in my password, and then the issue is fixed.

All of this to say: what’s the issue here? I installed Local on a new MacBook Pro with no existing virtual box. Once in a while, I also run MAMP to access older development sites, and that’s the only thing I could see causing a hangup. But I haven’t changed my DNS files or anything of the sort, and tellingly, the issue resolved itself with enough rebooting. But why do I have to reboot? Are there known issues here?

This makes me nervous to use Local on future projects.

Thanks in advance!