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Move Local Sites directory to external drive

When I initially set up local on my Mac (running Big Sur), I set up the Local Sites directory to on my Mac’s internal drive. But I see now my projects have grown and rather relocate the Local Sites directory to an external SSD.

Setting up new sites on the external SSD seems easy enough.
However, pre-existing sites already set up in Local – is this possible? How?

There isn’t an automated way of moving existing sites to a different location.

The best way to go about doing this is to export each site as a zip by right clicking on the site and selecting export. From there you can remove the sites in Local and import them again, being sure to select the correct location.

In case you didn’t see, there is an option to update the default location for new site under “Preferences > New Site Defaults” which should help when importing those sites to the new location.

Can’t you use an alias/link for this?
Create an alias on internal drive that points to the external.
Move all local sites to that external folder.
This does work for a true local setup.

Just a thought.

Thanks @NdnaJnz However, typical Mac aliases won’t work. They need to be symbolic links added as a service or created by a terminal command. :+1:

I just installed this service first: https://github.com/nickzman/symboliclinker/releases

@ben.turner I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.

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Oops! I meant symbolic links. Easily created from CL. Thanks for the correction!

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