WP admin accounts on local vs host, and some newbie questions

Newbie question here, couldn’t find an answer elsewhere. When I create a local site and locally install WP, I create a WP admin account, is that account unique to that site, or fall all local sites that I create? Similarly when I eventually migrate my site using All in One WP Migration to my new host, do I log into WP on my live host using my local WP credentials? Or again is it unique to the one live host site.

Similarly, when I create a site locally, it asks for website name. Do I make it what I want to eventually register, or just leave it as something like test.dev or example.dev etc.

Essentially I am a bit confused about what is contained in the local vs host site and if WP is contained separately within each or if I can login with the same credentials with both.

I think I have my head around the basics of the structure around a WP website. As I understand, when I use Local by Flywheel I am creating a local LAMP stack (or AMP stack as I’m using a Mac). So MySQL is the database in which all the website information is stored, Apache is the web server which deals with requests, and PHP is the script language of the backend of the site, correct. MyPhpAdmin is the GUI between MySQL and WP, and WP is the overall content manager of this. So considering this, it seems WP is unique to each site, no if its on the same local/host server so I will need separate accounts for each website. Maybe.

Thanks in advance for any replies

When you create a WP Admin account for a site on Local, that username/password would stay with the site, even if you move it to a new host. The WP Admin and user info are stored on the database. As long as you properly migrate the site and database, you’d be able to log in using the same WP Admin credentials.

I’d recommend choosing a website URL that is different than the URL you will use live. This is to prevent confusion once you go live and try to go back and edit the site on the local environment. It would become confusing as to which site you are actually editing.

As for the structure of stack that is around a WP website, you are pretty much spot on! The only thing is when you choose “preferred” settings when creating a new site in Local, it would be using NGINX as the web server. Also, we use Adminer for database administration instead of MyPHPAdmin in Local.

In conclusion, your WP Admin accounts goes wherever your database goes.

Good luck!

Thanks for the detailed reply!

So in that case you would have two users on your live WP (the original user account that was created when you installed WP on your host site, and the imported user from Local). Would you leave it as that or would you delete the original, and so just have the one user for both the Local and live host WP (so you only need to remember one set of credentials). And so then if you import databases over and over again (I’ll likely develop and make changes on Local, then upload to my live host), it won’t need to add another user as they’re now the same.

I was thinking of using All in One WP Migration, so I don’t know if that works differently.


If you use All in One WP Migration or any other plugin, it would overwrite the “original user account that was created when WP is installed”. The databases don’t merge when you migrate, the one for the new install is overwritten by the one you migrated from Local. Therefore, whichever user(s) you create on Local would be the only one(s) left after migrating to the host.