Moving/renaming wp-content (and other folders) breaks site

I’ve moved WordPress to it’s own directory, along with renaming wp-content, uploads, etc. folders per the WP Codex guidelines. (Defining things like WP_CONTENT_URL and WP_PLUGIN_URL in wp-config.php).

Things seem to be working in the WP admin and backend, all the urls/directories/permalinks seem to be working. However, I can’t do certain things like upload templates as part of a theme install, etc. – they time out with a 502 error.

Checking the error logs, the supervisor varnish logs are showing “does not exist” errors for the plugins and themes directories. It looks like the moved/renamed directory paths are not being seen in site/local/virtualbox/etc. config.

I’ve tried reinstalling from scratch, restarting the site in Local, etc.

Any ideas what is causing this error?

Hi @jca,

One thing you can try is enabling “Dev Mode”. There’s a switch in the top-right of the site info panel where can do so.

Enabling Dev Mode will disable the Varnish layer.

Thanks clay, but “Dev Mode” has been “ON” the entire time.

Can you please zip up the contents of the logs folder for that site and provide them here? Feel free to private message me the zip if you don’t want the logs to be public.

I don’t see a way to send you a “private message” through this forum.

Aha, sorry for the confusion!

You should see a “Message” button if you click on my name above.

Yeah, I clicked on your profile pop-up, but there is no Message button. (This site is using Discourse, correct?) Can you send me a private msg and I’ll see if it will let me reply.

Any ideas on this problem?

(Since I’m not able to send a private message, I’m not able to send the .zip of the logs folder.)

Wow, that’s interesting. It might be a permissions issue. It is indeed Discourse.

In the meantime, drop me an e-mail at and I’ll check it out. Be sure to include a link to this thread for context.