New install of Local 1.4.3 gets stuck at Local Image on Windows 8.1

I’m a new user! :slight_smile:

A few months ago I downloaded Local – 1.4.3 – but not yet install it. Now, I’m try to install it on my laptop, Win 8.1, but it’s still in “Local Image” and have no progress – VirtualBox and Host Machine has green checklist…

It’s been around ++2 hours since I install Local.

Downloading a newer version is not a prefered option atm due to slow internet speed.

Now I’m trying to install Local 2.0.6. But it’s have no progress. When I see tha log file, it’s say “Waiting for an IP” and it’s already ++1hour since I try install Local 2.0.6.

Can someone help me? Would like to provide more information.

Thank you,