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New user - Transfering / Migrating a local site to Cloud ways

I am trying to find a way to transfer a site I have written to cloudways - I have a cloudways server all set up but how to get my site on to it

I tried the all in one plugin that seems very popular but I come across the 10mb limit barrier . I contacted cloudways and they gave me a great answer if I had a master degree in computing with databases purge and ftp

How you guys getting your site migrated to Clodways using a plug in or simplified steps

Thank you for any assistance

Hey @SAF Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’ve never used Cloudways, but it looks like maybe there’s a plugin that they recommend for migrating a site:

If you still have issues, you might reach out to Cloudways support to see if they have any pointers. If you do figure it out, can you reply here with what you ended up doing? Thanks!

As far as I understand the cloudways migratory plugin does not work if migrating from “local” it brings up an error message

the easy way I found was using wpvivid plugin (free version) and doing a backup and restore (many videos on youtube) worked flawlessly and took minutes



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