No Local window displayed MacOS

Bug Summary

After a website import error, Local does display any more.

Steps to reproduce

I had an issue with a website import which stopped. Local stopped working so I had to force quit.
Since then when I launch Local the app launches but I do not have any window opening or access to any thing.
I have uninstalled and installed 10 times, rebooted my Mac 3 times; nothing happens.

Environment Info

MacOS Bigsur 11.6
Mac M1
Local 8.2.1

Supporting info

Hey @xam - Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

That’s definitely odd behavior. I notice that the computer is running MacOS Bigsur. Local should work, but I wonder if there’s an issue with the latest version of Local?

As a test, can you download an earlier version of Local and try running it? As a start, let’s try the 7.1.2

That seems like an older release, but it’s also the latest one before we upgraded the bundled version of PHP to the 8.x line.

After giving that a try, can you also provide your Local logs? This help doc outlines a couple of ways to get the logs, even if Local doesn’t show a window:

Hi @ben.turner
thanks for the workaround.

What’s strange is that it was working as expected at first, it’s really after the website creation issue that it did not any more.

So now I have a window when I installed version 7.1.2 and it seems to work.
What is not working is the update that I have when it opens. It warns me that I do not have the latest version, I update and relaunch, but it opens again the 7.1.2. I installed it 3 times in a row and had the same behaviour.

Here are the logs for you to check.

Best (3.1 KB)