Only one site installs

Hi All,
I am new to “local” and wanted to provide a few different versions of a site for a client to view. However I have found that I can only have one site installed on my “local”. I tried to start a second site installation but the procedure hangs at “Provisioning PHP”; it has been buffering for quite a considerable time, half an hour or so before I stopped the process. I have 6GB RAM on my Win8 i5 4200-CPU 1.6GHz laptop.
Is this sufficient?

My “local” will now NOT connect to the one site I was working on. I have been working on this site for a few days now. DISASTROUS!!!
I think I’m uninstalling “local by Flywheel” unless I can get it to work tomorrow. I am so disappointed and going to XAMPP I think.

I am getting…

This site can’t be reached

lamsowp.local refused to connect.



Hey @AndyD

Do you have an anti-virus program on your computer? Sometimes those will prevent Local from routing to the site. If you do, try disabling it temporarily to see if you can get the site to load.

Or another thing you can try would be going to Help → Restart Local Machine.

Hope that helps!