Option to specify ignored files in MagicSync for Flywheel

I’ve seen this feature request a LOT of times here over the past years, but I want to do it once again, because they all don’t get any attention from Local.

Please add a feature to either specify files to ignore using MagicSync, or even better to utilise the .ftpignore file. There’s already a default list with files that get ignores, so it should be really easy to add some user specified files to this. I never want to upload my Sass files, webpack config, source folder, etc.

Thank you for reconsidering.

Some of the earlier requests:

Hi @tomstuurlui - welcome to the Local community!

Are you hosting with Flywheel or with WP Engine?

For WP Engine, see the files that are auto-excluded here: Local Connect - Local

If you wish to add additional files, and are using WP Engine, you can create a .wpe-pull-ignore file in your /app/public/ directory, and Local will ignore any files/paths provided there. This is mentioned in the first post you linked.

Does that solve the issue you’re having?

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I’m using Flywheel!

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Okay, that is good to know! Thanks. Those ignore files are a WP Engine only feature, but something to evaluate on Flywheel.

I’m going to update the title here to make it Flywheel-specific so that other people can find it more easily.