PHP error during the migration

Hi there!
I try to migrate from Local by flywheel my local website using wordpress and duplicator. It seems that my php is not good… Could you help me about it? I tried so much, but how can I do?
I have a message in the installer.php using Duplicator: You are migrating site from the PHP 7.2.9 to the PHP 5.4.45 . And when I try to continue, I just have a error 504… I’m not a pro, and sorry if my English is not the best;)

Hi @am338,

It sounds like your host is still running PHP 5.4.45. I’d recommend reaching out to them and asking if they can’t upgrade to PHP 7.2 or greater.

Another option is to change the site environment in Local to the “Custom” environment and then switch PHP to PHP 5.4. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Click “Change” beside the “Local Environment” setting on the site
  2. Select “Custom”
  3. Select PHP 5.4
  4. Click “Save Changes”
  5. Ensure that “Clone changes to a new Local site” is checked
  6. Click “Change Environment”
  7. Verify that the newly cloned site running PHP 5.4 is functioning correctly.

If the site running PHP 5.4 looks good, you can attempt to create a new Duplicator package and try migrating again.

Hey there!

Our new Local v5 (and later) doesn’t require VirtualBox :tada: which means it’s way more reliable and faster to startup.

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Happy coding!