Port conflict with this site's domain

I’ve been trying to connect to my WP-Engine website for the last week. Finally I managed to pull the site with the full database (apprently ‘wp-content’ is not allowed to be renamed and the database prefix needs to be ‘wp_’).

I managed to access the backend at my site, but it’s filled with errors such as this:

So, I looked through some other articles here on the forum and it seemed that it was essential for me to use Site Domains routing (as SSL is needed in order to remove these errors).

However, I am not able to get that part working. In the browser, I get the default apache message " It works!" and in Local I get an error regarding port conflicts and a link to this article.

I have checked that there shouldn’t be anything running on port 80 and 443 (using this command: lsof -i : <port_number>).

As a webdeveloper I have had various tools installed (MAMP, Vagrant, Valet), but these have all been terminated or disabled. I am using Mac OSX Mojave.

Looking forward to any help regarding this problem.

Log files:
local-lightning.log (148.3 KB)
error.log (43.0 KB)

It looks like this site was pulled from WP Engine. I would look at removing the wpengine-common plugins from the mu-plugins directory. Those are mostly very WPE specific.

I am having the same issues with brand new sites I’m trying to create in local and also imported sites from the older version of Local by FlyWheel. I just upgraded and have had nothing but problems.

The FAQ:

Is unhelpful because it just tells me to switch to localhost but I need to test using SSL. We need a better FAQ and troubleshooting guide for this issue!

I had some issues initially but was able to resolve them pretty quickly. I first ran into the Port conflict with this site's domain and turns out I just had Docker running which resolved the port issue instantly after I stopped Docker. Could also be another conflict with port 80 which is where checking to see what is using that port can be helpful.

I also have had bad luck with using the export features that come with Flywheel. Usually my issues are related to slight modifications to configuration files and the fact that most of my sites don’t use the same folder structure. Using the drag and drop import will use Flywheel defaults so if you have made any modifications to your site architecture I find it easiest to export the database and site files manually.

I have been using Flywheel since it was Pressmatic and have probably ran into some of the issues you are experiencing if you have any more details.

I don’t have too much additional information other than I can’t get an imported site or a NEW site working using the “Site Domains” routing mode. I keep getting the error about the port conflict, but when I check in the activity monitor on my Mac there is nothing running on port 80 or 443.

I need to be able to test in SSL so I’m pretty hooped at this point short of downgrading BACK to the old version of Local by Flywheel that was working fine.

I that I might have that problem too but even with Docker turned off, I still get the problem. Like @PhantomFreelance said in another thread, this is possibly Catalina related, but since I upgraded after upgrading my OS to Catalina, I’m not 100% sure.

I don’t even know what Docker is, so I’m not using that as far as I know. I’m still on Mojave because I have some programs I use that won’t run on Catalina so I downgraded. I don’t think it’s a Catalina specific problem.

Look at this thread. Is there a fix for the Port Conflict problem? {Local 5+}

Maybe similar.

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