Problem with SSL

I am trying to activate SSL, but this notification is skipped and it does not leave it activated. How can I fix it? I have searched for information but I can not find anything. Thank you.

Local is requesting administrative privileges to trust a certificate

Hi Diego,

Sorry for the trouble!

Just to clarify, are you talking about the “Trust” button under the site’s “SSL” tab in Local? Can you describe what you’re needing to do in a little more detail?

Also, are you on macOS or Windows?

Hi, Clay. Yes, this is the Trust button. I give it to activate the security certificate, but when I access the web (either the frontend or the backend), it does not appear in https, but I have to add it manually in the URL. Then, when I return to the program, I find the button deactivated.

I work with Windows 7.

Thank you.

Hey Zelarra821, did you find any solution for this??

I have the same issue. Please help me out.

No, I’m sorry.

Sorry for the trouble!

If you’re having this issue on Windows, please make sure you restart your browser after clicking the “Trust” button. Even after doing that, you may have to do a hard-refresh of your Local site.

I’ve been having this issue since January, this in addition to other issues (missing containers, etc) I’ve decided to move back to using WAMP. It might not be as slick as flywheel but at least it works.

Its a real shame as i think flywheel is a better option! :frowning:

Hey all,

After going through this thread and some others related to it, I think we may have set the wrong expectations of what the “Trust” button does. That’s entirely on us.

The “Trust” button is meant to get rid of the following dialog in browsers such as Chrome:

If you’re wanting your site to automatically use HTTPS instead of HTTP, you’ll need to change the Site URL and Home URL options in Settings » General in the WordPress Admin.

Also, you can use a Force HTTPS plugin such as Force HTTPS (SSL Redirect & Fix Insecure Content) – WordPress plugin | or WordPress Force HTTPS – WordPress plugin |

With that said, we’ll likely add a way to force HTTPS directly from Local.

I do no think you have set the wrong expectations - those expectations are exactly what we have.
There’s certainly a bug here.
This used to work flawlessly on the old version of Local, but now after upgrading to the new version (which is blazing fast by the way, nice job!) this feature is broken.
Windows version is Windows 10 pro, 10.0.18362, Local version is 5.4.1+3311

When I switch to the site’s ssl tab, I click trust, the native Windows popup comes up “local is requesting administrative privileges to trust a certificate” then the certificate tab shows “trusted” with a checkmark, greyed out. However, the ssl does not work, the “connection is not private” browser popup appears. Also if I switch to any other tab on the site (like overview, database etc) and switch back, I can already see the SSL tab has reseted to the default state, TRUST becames clickable and green again.

So it’s not about misunderstanding the feature - it’s about the feature being buggy, unfortunately.