Problems with Learndash

Hi, I pushed my site into Local to replace my LMS, Elearncommerce, with Learndash, which I did. I can’t see or access the Learndash add-ons. I can load my content. I can’t install the license key in Local, but Learndash says that isn’t the problem. Has anyone else experienced this, or can you give me some ideas on how to fix this? Keep in mind; my technical knowledge is limited. Thanks! Laura

I am on 10.14.6, and the version of local is 5.10.3+5332.

local-lightning.log (55.9 KB)

Hey @laurabonicelli, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I don’t have any experience using learndash, but since learndash is a premium WordPress plugin I wonder if their service needs to be able to reach this site?

Since local is an offline development tool, their servers have no way of accessing this site directly, which might be causing issues when activating this plugin. You might contact their support and ask them if you are able to install this plugin within an offline development tool like Local.

Hi @ben.turner! Thank you for your reply and welcome. I did talk to Learndash before I installed it on Local. They said it would be fully functional. But, they may not be that familiar with Local. I think you may be right. I am going to try pushing the Local site to a Flywheel demo site to see if it brings in the add-ons and functionality. Then I’ll know if it works. If it does, I can finish installing my content on the Local site and push it back to my main site. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll abandon Local and reinstall Learndash on a staging site of my main site. Hope that made sense and if you have any more thoughts - I’d love to hear them. Thanks again! Laura

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