Push to WPEngine Failure

I recently picked up using the beta again recently to test the Local Pro features with WPEngine. I set up a site I’d already been using with non-beta Local and when I went to pull, it connected with WPEngine and let me choose the site I wanted to work with, then it let me choose the environment I wanted. It then showed me a list of files. When hit the pull button, nothing happened. The push/pull screen closed. The same issue happened when I tried to push.

I tried multiple times to make this work. Tried removing the Local Beta install and dragging a .zip download to set up the site. I didn’t make any changes hoping that it was an issue where somehow the two installs needed to be synced.

I went back to Local to test and everything worked as expected.

Not quite sure what else to try or potentially do to fix or debug a solution.

Edit: This was the first time this has happened. Otherwise, the Local Beta has no issues.