Restore lost feature request: "Create New Site from Archive" missing from v2.0

We previously had the great ability to create a new site from an export which was super handy if your system exploded and you need to redo the work you previously did or you need to spin up a copy of your work on another computer or work with a new team member.

If this feature is currently available in 2.0, the new UX completely masks this helpful feature for users as it appears that the user can only add a new site from scratch either from a blueprint or not.

Hi Kurt,

You can import a site from archive by dragging it onto the Dock icon, main window, or by going to File » Import

OK - This menu was pretty clear - the new way is not as clear. I think the UX could be easily improved in the next version with a small adjustment to address this. The old saying “If you’re explaining, you’re losing” probably applies here. LOL. Please consider.

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