Set up hangs at Adding Site, Provisioning MySQL

Installed Local, went through the setup and it hangs at “Adding Site, Provisioning MySQL”. The first time I got busy on something else and left it for almost an hour and it never completed, so I quit Local and started up again selected the site (the only site) and got this message: “WordPress does not exist in this site’s public directory.”

So I removed the site from Local Sites, removed the machine from Virtual Box and removed the Local directory from Application Support and started over. We’re now at about a half hour of provisioning MySQL, and no progress.

Very sorry for the trouble!

Can you please provide the log for Local by going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log?

Sorry to barge in on the topic.

I am experiencing the same error, but it seems to only happen when I try to install a site to a USB hard drive or USB memory stick.

However, it would be great if it can be resolved, because my SSD is VERY limited in storage space.

I too am experiencing the same issue since updating to 1.4.2 on my Mac. Is there any fix for this?