Site Can't Be Reached (After Update 2.4.3)

After updating to 2.4.3 this morning on Win 10, all my sites are “This site can’t be reached”. The only thing I can thing that could MAYBE have caused this is that I got a windows firewall access prompt which asked if I was ok with sharing with “public networks” such as airports, cafes, etc and it says not recommended although it is checked as enabled by default.

Was disabling (unchecking) this to follow windows recommendations what is now causing me to be unable to access the sites? If so, how do I fix it?

OK, so Local decided on its own to shut down its Fast Docker volumes and restart. The sites were then working again. So after checking on all the sites, I decided to manually turn back on Fast Docker Volumes and try loading a site again and it worked. However, a few seconds after, again 2.4.3 disabled on its own the Fast Docker Volumes.

Um… I dont think this is normal?