"This site can’t be reached" 1.4.4 release

Thanks for the new release! I confirm that it fixes the issue of getting stuck on the Extracting step.
Yet, I when I view the site or admin I get “This site can’t be reached”. Any ideas why that might happen?

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Just wanted to say that I am having this exact same issue after installing 1.4.4

Hmm, do you guys have any other local web servers such as WAMP or any local DNS servers that could be interfering with it?

Also, what about VPNs?

Same problem, but afert I add a new site

Same problem. Getting the “This site can’t be reached” and “refused to connect” messages

Are you all using Microsoft Edge to access the Local sites? If so, there’s an issue where Edge can’t access local VirtualBox sites. It’s a known issue on both ends.

I’m using Chrome

Thanks for your response @clay! It is true that I am using WAMP. I am sure that it is turned off.

I do not have WAMP installed and no local DNS. I am using Chrome also. I understand this is Beta, this product is awesome, hopefully the issues can be worked out! Previously I had it working with one site, but then I tried to add another site and that ruined everything. Now I can’t seem to get it to work properly again at all.

Hi Clay, I copied the url from MS Edge and used Chrome, it gives me access to both my admin and website but same problem as a previous post in that it only displays the first website not the second also how do I make Flywheel default to Chrome? Thank you.

Same issue here in Mac version.

Same issue. First time downloaded to give it a go.

On mac.

Have Mamp, DesktopServer and VPN. All shutdown.

Shame. :confused:

If I enable Live Link, I can access the site via that link. Is this because I need to create an entry in my host file for the main .dev domain to work?

Fixed this.

Added the manual entry in the hosts file. Doesn’t behave well with Gasmask app on mac.

Hi @raison,

Try disabling “Override external modifications” in Gas Mask’s preferences and you should be set.

Thanks @clay - good thinking!

Yes. I’m having this problem too.

I cannot reach the local website using Chrome and Chrome-Based Web Browsers such as Vivaldi.
Safari and FireFox work just fine.