Site Running but nothing can be accessed

Ah, okay. The log does look good for now!

How big is the database? Roughly speaking.

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Okay. I’m a little bit of a newbie and more of a designer than a techie. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to get that information. Please guide me. :\

My site folder is showing 102 mb. (5089 files and 638 folders)

No worries!

I’m simply asking if there are a lot of posts, pages, etc. Is it an e-commerce site? Are there quite a few products and payments if so?

One thing you can also try is right-clicking on the site then going to “Open Site SSH” and then entering:

rm -rf /app/sql && mydumper -p root -x '^(?!(mysql))' --outputdir /app/sql

You can copy and paste it. In cmd.exe I believe you can paste simply by right-clicking. After you paste it press enter. Wait for that command to run and then copy and paste the output here.

That’s what the stop site process is trying to run but in case it’s getting hung up somewhere this should show some more information.

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It’s telling me that " ‘rm’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

This is an e-commerce site with a bunch of dummy products in it, google map, contact form 7, a few pages, and about 5 posts.

Can you screenshot the Cmd window? You shouldn’t be seeing that rm error as long as it’s connecting to the site properly.

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If you cant read this, let me know and I’ll close my second screen.

Aha. Can you try quitting Local and then starting the site you’re trying to export?

Then, you can try running that command again.

Sorry for the runaround on this!

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No problem. I’m just happy you’re sticking with me. I’ll get right on that! :grinning:

I got the same message as before. I just exited out of Local. Maybe I should close it in Virtual Box?

I tried closing Local in Virtual Box, Reopening, and running the command again and I got the same as above.

Thanks to Clay hanging in there with me, I did get my site back! :sweat_smile:

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