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SSL Certificate Work-Around on Mac Not Quite Working

I followed the instructions in “Managing a Local site’s SSL …” including using CLI to replace the “http” with “https”, but after doing so the “Open Site” button opens a web page with no SSL lock symbol, although the “WP Admin” button opens a web page with a lock symbol.

On the site itself if I click a link that specifies “https” it will then show the lock symbol.

When I click on the lock (in Safari 15.5) and “Show Certificate,” Trust shows “Use System Defaults” even though I changed it in Keychain Access to “Always Trust”.

Moreover, back in Local, “TRUST” never changes to “TRUSTED.”

Not a serious problem but I thought I should describe the behavior I’m getting.

Local 6.4.0z+5927, macOS Monterey 12.4


Hi there @burgermark! :wave:

Thanks for bringing your question / observation here to the community.

You mentioned going through the Managing a Local’s Site’s SSL documentation - did you also complete the database search & replace to change all http:// to https://?

In this help doc, it mentions that Local will not force https:// so perhaps that is what you are experiencing.

Let me know if this addresses your questions and concerns, thank you!

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

Thanks. Yes, I did use CLI and did a “wp search-replace” to change all the “http” to “https”.

I’m having the same problem (also on a Mac). I followed the instructions on Managing a Local site’s SSL certificate in macOS - Local but my browsers are still seeing the untrusted certificate and not working correctly. I don’t want to update the database until I can see the SSL working in the browser, as was indicated in the steps on that page. What’s the solution here?