SSL Trusted Status

As far as I know, there’s an issue in that button that it is marked as “Trusted” when clicked but when you leave the tab and change to “SSL” back again it shows as “Trust”, but the functionality of the button has been applied.

It’s better explained in this answer:

[Going a bit off topic, but I just need to say something about it haha]
There are some minor problems on Local that appears from system to system… Think about it, Local is a complex product that automates a LOT of things for you. After running into trouble I always looked for solutions or came here for support and found a way around, just like any other product.
Local runs really smooth for me on MacOS and Windows, and gives you a lot of productivity on developing for Wordpress with its tools. If I had problems at any time? Yes, but again, just like any other product, and I always found a solution.

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