"Start Site to Pull" Button Not Working to Pull WP Engine STAGING Website to Computer

I have a MacBook Pro (2015, 15 inch using macOS Mojave) and unfortunately when I click the “Start Site to Pull” button on Local to pull my WP Engine STAGING website (like kewlwebsitestaging.wpengine.com) to my computer the process hangs and doesn’t complete at all.

I left my computer on overnight to try to pull all files from my STAGING website to my computer yet it didn’t work. I just saw a spinning wheel on the Local software screen. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Local multiple times.

My STAGING WP Engine site is password protected. However I was able to pull my STAGING website earlier but now it doesn’t work. I do have the following files/directory in the directory I’m trying to pull website files into because I cloned a git repo:
.git (directory)

I’ve used MAMP a lot, including today (not with my WP Engine STAGING website) and it works with no issues. I always exit MAMP before using Local.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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