Stuck Dumping And Pushing

Seem to have issues syncing back to WPE with Local. It gets through the upload phase but then it stays on the Dumping and pushing database… basically forever if I let it go. I’ve left it running for over 2 hours and it never completes or exits this. I have to force quit the app.

Local Logs

The only thing in my local logs:

{"level":"warn","linuxEdition":null,"localVersion":"8.0.1+6490","message":"Electron Event ready","osArch":"arm64","osPlatform":"darwin","osRelease":"23.1.0","timestamp":"2023-11-02T15:11:36.137Z","windowsEdition":null}

Hi @justmikekey

Do you know how large the site and database are? Just to rule out sync issues based on the overall size.

If that’s not the issue then I would try upgrading to our latest release below (8.0.2) which fixed a recent Local Connect bug with WPE. Before updating I would stop all sites and quit Local, just to make sure no processes are still running anywhere.

Having the same problem here. Just hangs at the “Dumping and Pushing Database” screen. I’ve waited for awhile and it doesn’t seem to work. I have updated to the latest. I’m on a mac as well.

What’s odd is that it seems like it might have actually completed properly, the destination server looks to be have been updated (but I’m not sure if it’s 100% completed, I’m confirming)

Hi @tison

Do you know what the overall size of the site is?

Are you utilizing a VPN or some type of office network?

@Nick-B Thank you for the quick response and Happy New Year!

So I just checked the files are 942Mb and the db 150mb. So I have waited over 20 minutes and I have a 500mb internet (although it’s not always that high, I have uploaded 1gb before in only a few minutes). But if you think it will help, I can wait longer… I wish there was a way to see the progress of how much has been uploaded in the Local tool. Open to any recs,
Thank you for your help,

Hi @tison

Some other things to check here:

  • Do you use a VPN?

  • Are you on an office network?

  • Do you have any antivirus, security, or firewall applications?

  • Are you running other developer applications simultaneously? That could also cause similar issues. Apps like MAMP, XAMPP, or Docker for example.

  • What version of MacOS are you on?

If you could please share a copy of your Local Logs with as well. There are some different ways to access and share Local Logs. For us to be able to troubleshoot thoroughly, please click the Download Local Logs button from the Support tab in Local. This will generate a zip archive that contains the Local log along with some other diagnostic information to help quickly zero in on any issues that Local is encountering.

@Nick-B Ok update - I let it run for over 30 minutes last night and it finally finished. So apparently it takes a really long time (possibly for the first upload?). To answer your questions:

  • No vpn
  • No office network
  • No antivirus / security / firewall
  • macos 12.7.1

On the logs - I don’t have a ‘Support’ Tab in Local, but I do see “Reveal Local’s Logs” under the Help tab which links to a .log file.

Also I’m hesitant to post local logs to a public forum here, how can I get those to you securely?
Appreciate all your help,

Hi @tison

The support tab would be in the Local app itself. Picture below. I’ll send you a DM and you can share the logs with me there if you’d like!

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