Stuck Dumping And Pushing

Seem to have issues syncing back to WPE with Local. It gets through the upload phase but then it stays on the Dumping and pushing database… basically forever if I let it go. I’ve left it running for over 2 hours and it never completes or exits this. I have to force quit the app.

Local Logs

The only thing in my local logs:

{"level":"warn","linuxEdition":null,"localVersion":"8.0.1+6490","message":"Electron Event ready","osArch":"arm64","osPlatform":"darwin","osRelease":"23.1.0","timestamp":"2023-11-02T15:11:36.137Z","windowsEdition":null}

Hi @justmikekey

Do you know how large the site and database are? Just to rule out sync issues based on the overall size.

If that’s not the issue then I would try upgrading to our latest release below (8.0.2) which fixed a recent Local Connect bug with WPE. Before updating I would stop all sites and quit Local, just to make sure no processes are still running anywhere.