Stuck on adding wordpress when creating a website

Everytime I create a website it gets stuck on adding Wordpress. I tried a fresh installation and still nothing works

Hi @Sourour

This usually indicates some kind of connection issue. Some things you could check:

  • Make sure your network connection is working normally
  • Check for any security, antivirus or firewall applications that are blocking Local
  • Check for any Developer applications blocking Local
  • If you’re using a VPN you might need to disable it. If you’re using something like a Broadband connection, then on the other hand a VPN being enabled might actually app.


I’ve checked my connection and it’s working fine. No security, antivirus or firewall application is blocking local and I’m also not using a VPN. It goes through all the previous steps completely fine but gets stuck on adding Wordpress and when I check the folder for the website around maybe 1/3 of the Wordpress files are installed.

Could you provide some more details here?

  • What is your OS?

  • What version of Local are you on?

  • A copy of your Local Logs

I’m using Windows 11. Local version 9.0.3. (14.2 KB)

Something is still blocking the connection here, but we’ve covered a lot of the usual suspects.

Is this a work issued machine or a personal one? Are you utilizing it as an admin user?

Something else you can try is changing your Router Mode to Localhost:

Preferences>Advanced>Router Mode>Localhost

As a last ditch workaround, you can download the WordPress files manually and then just upload them to your site:

I’m using my personal machine. The confusing part is that it has a bit of the Wordpress files but it’s not finishing. I’ve included a screenshot of the site_name/app/public folder contents.

I think I’ll just go with manually downloading the Wordpress files but how would it work with local? Do I have to change any variables or do I just put the Wordpress files in public and all is well?

Yep you can put everything in public and then Stop and Start your site which should help Local to recompile everything. Let us know if you have any issues.

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