Stuck on Checking System-win 7

Every time I install local Flywheel it starts and then it stayed at checking system. Below is my log file. I heard so much about Flywheel and really wanted to try it out. but can’t get it to start.
I have Windows 7, dual-core Pentium, and 4 GB of ram.
local-by-flywheel.log (53.8 KB)

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please try manually installing VirtualBox? Once it installs, try relaunching Local.

Here’s the direct download link for VirtualBox v5.1.30:

Wow, talk about a quick reply. Thanks! Hey, Clay, I already downloaded VirtualBox and install it before I install Flywheel. I have the lasted version. Thanks again.

It was stuck on checking system and I went in and click on restart local machine and that is where it is stuck at now. it just will not go any further

Screenshot of VirtualBox

Is VirtualBox installed on your C:\ drive?

Yes, it is. I am downloading version 2.1.1 and uninstall the old ver and installing this one. It said that it will stop the checking system. I will let you know

didn’t work

Hi Alan,

I apologize for not providing this path earlier. Can you verify that C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe exists?

Hi Clay, I uninstall both VirtualBox and Flywheel and rebooted the computer. I then reinstall flywheel and it is stuck at checking system. I look under the c:/program folder and didn’t see VirtualBox install. I will install it manually and then restart Flywheel. I will tell you this. I have a small Tablet/laptop with Windows 10 and only a 13 inch screen. I install flywheel by itself and everything works like a champ. I would love to get it working on this laptop which has a 17 inch screen.

Well, I install VirtualBox and restarted Flywheel and it is still Checking System.
I check program file and I do have VirtualBox install to the C;/ drive.
I am uploading the Log file again, plus some Pictures. i hope you can help me get this up and runn

ing on my Windows 7 laptop.

local-by-flywheel.log (97.3 KB)

I guess you can’t help me with this install on Windows 7

Hi there,

Could you restart your machine, then reinstall local. Once its opened, please check if VirtualBox has a new machine in the list.

It may also be worth checking if your computer supports virtualization, could you post a screenshot of the application CPU-Z running on your computer?



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I have install local but not started yet.Stuck on checking Systems.

I have install local but not started yet.Stuck on checking Systems

local-by-flywheel.log (24.3 KB)
Here is the log file please help.

I too have same problem … stuck at checking systems…