Stuck on "Checking System..."

Did it work after uninstalling or reinstalling VB - as I knew nothing about it being the newb I am, run it and now am here. :confused:

Same problem here. Please help!!! local-by-flywheel.log (55.6 KB)

On my side, problem is fixed. It was a stupid error (my bad!) of MacOS upgrade not terminated.
As soon as I rebooted my Mac, it worked again.
Sorry for that!

Same problem here. Please help!!! local-by-flywheel.log
Je suis française, pouvez-vous m’expliquer comment régler ce problème. Merci :wink:

Also having the same problem, though working on a PC instead of a Mac. Could really use some assistance.
local-by-flywheel.log (69.5 KB)

For those stuck on checking system and working on Mac, check you have Virtual Box installed. I had the same issue on my desktop but not laptop and this was the cause. Works perfectly now VB has been installed.

I also have this (1.7 KB)

Hi : local-by-flywheel.log (19.2 KB)

Hey @bendescles

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I took a look at the Local log and notice some lines that look like this:

Apr 14, 2019, 8:08 PM GMT+2 - info: [main/check-system] Check System: Docker Machine:  
{ stdout: '',
   'error getting state for host local-by-flywheel: exit status 126\n' }

This basically means that Local is having trouble communicating with the Virtual Machine. Usually, when this shows up in the Local log, there is something preventing Local from communicating with the VM.

Many times this is due to some sort of antivirus or some other security setting that is causing problems. Can you try disabling any antivirus software and see if that allows Local to load?

Hi all,

I downloaded VirtualBox 5.2.28 from their website and reinstalled it. Now everything works again :slight_smile:
I saw there is a VirtualBox 6.0.6 but I decided to stick to v.5 because that’s what Local is using.

Do you know of any benefits or drawbacks of using v.6?

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I’m currently using VB 6.0.6 without issue.

local-by-flywheel .log (75.8 KB)

As daft as it sounds (but I am still quite the newb to this environment) I added a new user account just for flywheel and besides issues I created myself at beginning I am so far not having any probs!

Obviously a better way round it but its working for me for now - so that’s a start till I give my machine a full clean and format which is not the best option for me at mo. Hope it helps someone who needs to try some work fast. Sincerely all the very best.

  • Chris.
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local-by-flywheel.log (19.0 KB)

I have the same problem!

Hello if there is a possibility that someone can help me because i too have the same problem it remains stuck thank you in advance for your help local-by-flywheel.log (127.8 KB)

there is no solution I guess! I have stuck with this problem for almost a month now.

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See the post above, I had hte same issue and installed VirtualBox. Restarted Local, and it starts right up.

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Me too, I just dl’d Local and it hangs…
Quit and retry? Restart the Mac???

Thanks for any hint!

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Personally, I don’t have additional antivirus apart from Windows Defender. When I disable “Real-time protection” in Windows Defender, the “Stuck on Checking System…” issue disappears. Another workaround is to manually start VirtualBox BEFORE launching Local.

I guess the antivirus protection apps block/supress the VirtualBox running in the background

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So the options here are to download something else, or reduce the security on your computer? Seriously!?