Stuck on start screen


I upgraded Local by Flywheel with version 2.1 and 2.2 but it’s impossible to get it started.

Screenshots and log attached.

Can you help?

Many thanks!

local-by-flywheel.log (963.8 KB)

Hi David,

Sorry for the trouble!

I know you mentioned already trying 2.2.0, but can you please try 2.2.0 and then provide the log file again? The most recent log data shows 2.1.2.

Hi Clay,

Altought I already tested the 2.2 version, I had no chance getting it work. The behaviour was the same than the screenshots attachted.

I downloaded the latest 2.2.1 and gave it a try after I uninstalled the 2.2 version AND VirtualBox with AppCleaner.
The behaviour was the same as previsouly attached screenshots :frowning:

Here is the log file

local-by-flywheel.log (21.1 KB)

I am using Avira antivirus which I disabled before installing/launching Local by Flywheel

Seems im completely stuck… Do you have an idea how I can get it working? Because the latest release dont work, and the 2 betas dont work either.



Sorry for all of the trouble! I appreciate your patience.

Can you try opening Terminal and running the following?

"/Applications/Local by" ssh local-by-flywheel echo 'Test'

You should see Test as the output.