Stylesheet missing error (Win Beta)

I use the Windows beta version of Local.

I uploaded/installed the latest Divi theme zip which was a fresh download, and got a broken theme error saying the stylesheet was missing after activating the theme. I checked the theme files and none of the required files are missing, including the stylesheet in question. Everything was present and correct.

To compare, I uploaded/installed the same Divi theme zip into another local site using DesktopServer, and the theme works perfectly, which makes me think it’s a problem or bug with Local.

What can I do?


Sorry for the trouble!

Can you try opening your browser developer console to see if there are any specific errors on those assets? You should see if they’re 404’s, 403’s, 500’s, etc.

Also, are you using nginx or Apache?

I can’t check it because the theme in question cannot be activated. The default theme is active.

I’m using nginx.

Sorry about that! I misread your question.

Does it work if you manually extract and move the theme into the app/public/wp-content/themes/ directory for that site?

No it didn’t work.

Can you please e-mail me the Divi .zip you’re trying? works :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue exactly.


Can you please provide a screenshot?

Can’t replicate it now due to Can’t upload theme