The backup cannot be restored

Issue Summary

Importing a backup fails.(by SQL)
The backup file was exported by Local by flywheel.

Troubleshooting Questions

I have backed up two sites.
Only one of them causes problems.
The environment content of PHP, DB, etc. is the same.
The theme I’m using is also the same.
The date of creation and the version of Local by flywheel I was using were the same.

If you have created a new site, you can access it without problems.
There is no problem with Local by flywheel itself.


You can import one site, but if you try to import the other, you will get the following error.

Uh-oh! Unable to import site.
Error:Local was unable to import the following SQL files:

I tried an older version, but it didn’t work.
The site was created in September 2020.

After creating a new site,
I deleted all of the DB contents (drop) and then loaded the DB of the previous site, but it didn’t work.

Help me, please.

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