Trouble setting up local copy of live site. Admin page redirects to live site + difficulty with DB connection

Hello. I’m using Local v3.3.0 and I’m on a Macbook running Mojave.

I’m trying to make a local copy of my live site to play around with a new theme. Here’s what I did:

  • Cloned my live site with the Duplicator plugin
  • Drag/dropped the clone .zip folder into Local, went thru the setup wizard, accepting the defaults

At first there was an issue with the DB connection. In some Youtube vids I watched, all you had to do was drag/drop the zip and go thru the setup wizard, and everything was good. But I had to go into the WP config file and define those values. It seemed to work ok, until…

When I try to go to my local site’s /wp-admin page, it redirects me to my live site’s /wp-admin instead.

I have several local-only sites on Local, and never had any issue. Only when I tried to create a clone of a live site did I experience anything like this.

Any ideas on how I can trouble shoot this? Thanks!

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