Unable to create certificate

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Unable to create certificate

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I’ve tried but after clicking on “Trust” this warning appears and the certificate is not generated so I can’t find it later on on Keychain.

Any solution more than welcome!!!

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macOS Monterrey

Hi @isacorral - thanks for using Local!

I am running macOS Monterrey right now (v12.6.1.), and this is working for me. I haven’t seen other users reporting that the manual workflow isn’t working for them, but let’s try to fix this for you!

The warning in the screenshot means that the certificate was created, but macOS wasn’t able to mark it as trusted (expected in newer releases due to macOS security changes).

Here’s the steps I’m taking:

  • Created a new site (I’m using Local v6.5.1, the latest release) using the Preferred environment
  • I click “Trust” and get the same type of screenshot -
  • I open Keychain Access and find the certificate, which shows not trusted. You can search for it by name (new-isa for you, test-for-isa for me) or select All Items and scroll -
  • I double click that certificate, expand the Trust dropdown, and switch to “Always Trust”. Closing this window acts as a “Save”
  • I come back to Local and click on my site again, and the banner disappears and the SSL shows “Trusted”

If I open the site in my browser, it will still open in http:// instead of https:// - this is because the WordPress database still has http stored. I could do a search-and-replace if I wanted to, or I can just change http to https in the address bar when it pops open in Chrome.

That was a lot, so if you’re still here, thanks for sticking with me :slight_smile: if you follow those same steps, does your SSL appear trusted?

Hi @austinwendt thank you so much for your help, it’s working now!!!
The problem was at the Keychain, I don’t know why I wasn’t finding the certificate so I thought it wasn’t generated, but it definitely was.
Thanks again!


Awesome, I’m glad you were able to get it working!! Always happy to help.

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