Unable to log into WP Admin via drag and dropped back-up file import

I’ve tried re-uploading my live site back up into Local multiple times with no avail to being able to log in (by using default settings). I’ve confirmed my log in is correct via testing re-logging in via live site. My understanding is I can use the same log in credentials as the live site but please tell me if this is not the case. I’ve looked through other questions regarding this topic but none of the solutions people have found work for me (such as holding shift when clicking the login button).

Another question if anyone is able to answer is whether I am eligible to use Elementor Pro on my local site. I have the activation key used on my live site but wanted to ensure I can make necessary test changes via local copy.

I’m using Local Version 5.9.4+5115 on macOS Big Sur if this information is helpful.

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