Update ImageMagick with AVIF support?

LocalWP doesn’t seem to be building ImageMagick with AVIF support. Can it be added?

WordPress core just merged (into 6.5) support for both uploading AVIF and saving editor output as AVIF (if the server supports it), I need to get this working for testing. Currently I’m doing that on my RunCloud server which is built to support ImageMagick, but that’s not ideal and I need to test locally.


Same for PHP 8.2.10, but this is the latest 8.3.0. Technically 8.1 I think can/could/should support ImageMagick 7 and AVIF, or maybe that was AVIF in ImageMagick 6.9.x.

Regardless, I think it should be minor to update the libraries and build LocalWP to support it, unless I’m totally missing something or doing something wrong.

Hi @jb510

I’ve passed this along to the team for some investigation. For now I’ll change this post to a Feature Request for others to Upvote and follow!