Uploading Files To FTP Server


Our goal is to find a FTP software that allows users who visit our site to upload files directly to our public facing FTP server.

Is there a way to configure this plug-in so that when users upload a file it goes straight to our local public facing FTP server?

  • If not, do you know of a plug-in that can achieve this?

Thank you.

Hey @ATLabs – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’m not quite sure I understand what’s attempting to be done. Local is meant more for working with WordPress sites on the local machine. If you are trying to accept uploads from users on the production site, there are a number of security concerns that arise from having a server accept uploads from visitors.

If you are still wanting to go down that path and accept the risks, I would recommend searching for more information with something like:

wordpress accept file anonymous uploads

When I google that I get a couple of interesting hits:

I don’t know anything about these, but hopefully that points you in the right direction. Good luck!