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Upon code push can we expire cache (esp. stylesheet) for previous visitors?

We’re pushing daily updates from Local to our staging site.

Visitors who have previously been to our staging site, especially on iPhones, still see the previous stylesheets and JS files. Their browsers cached the files.

We have to tell them to flush cache. They often forget. They complain. They are not technical.

Note: They do see updated content. Stylesheets and JS they don’t.

Is there a way to automatically cause the most recent stylesheets and JS to be downloaded on their next page visit?

We’ve seen this solved elsewhere where every code push appends a new string to the end of all files. So stylesheet.css?ver1 becomes stylesheet.css?ver2.

Is there a setting or a solution for this in Local? Or maybe I am missing something?

Hey @scottcodes! I’m not sure of a simple way to accomplish this in Local but does flushing the server cache for the hosted Staging site not make a difference after a push?