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Using Connect to WP Engine doesn't show any files in the Magic Sync Viewer

I’m able to login and connect to my WPEngine account now but still can’t push/pull. The file list doesn’t load anything.

Hey @mikeimpart – I moved your reply to it’s own topic in order to get a better idea of what’s going on!

Can you try installing the latest version of Local and see if that fixes things?

If you still have issues, the latest version of Local, has a “Download Local Log” button on the “Support” tab. Can you upload the file that Local creates after clicking that button?

In addition to that log, can you let us know if this is happening for only one site in particular, or for all sites, even newly created, plain WordPress sites?

Hi @ben.turner

I had to logout and re-enter my API credentials but it is working again.


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