Vt-x/amd-v pre-check error

Hi I was trying to install Local by Flywheel but got the error message about VT-x/AMD-v needing to be enabled. I went into the bios and enabled it on the HP desktop. It was under Security > System
Security > Virtual Technology. I restarted the computer and tried to install Local again, picking up where it left off having completed “Virtual Box” and on to the Host step but I keep getting the error despite having enabled it.

is there something else i’m overlooking, i’m new to local by flywheel, but would like to try it out, cannot get past the error

please help

thanks , for any one having the same issues
I enabled the bios, and after researching needed to activate hyper-v for
windows 10, used the powershell method redid the install, it started where it had left off everything went smoothly

so far so good