Error vt-x/AMD-v must be enabled

Hi I was trying to install Local by Flywheel but got the error message about VT-x/AMD-v needing to be enabled. I went into the bios and enabled it on the HP laptop I was using. It was under Security > System Security > Virtual Technology. I restarted the computer and tried to install Local again, picking up where it left off having completed “Virtual Box” and on to the Host step but I keep getting the error despite having enabled it.
I also checked the Windows Features for Hyper-V which is not on that computer to turn on or off.

What can I do to get past this? Thanks!

Hi Rielyn,

Sorry for the trouble!

You may need to completely power off your computer and then power it back on rather than a warm restart.

hi, i hope someone can help me.

i’m having same problem w VT-X but can’t find BIOS to enable. i checked my system ‘yes’ supports.

additionally, do i need both VT-X and AMD-V?

thank you!