Warning Missing Host entry For Windows : THE SOLUTION!

For all the people who have the probleme in windows 10 with the WARNING MISSING HOSTS ENTRY.
I’ve find the solution.

You need to put this text on the Host doc who is C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\

Open with bloc note.

Put this text…juste after # ::1 localhost


## Local by Flywheel - Start ##
192.168.XX.100 XXXXXXXXX.dev #Local Site        
## Local by Flywheel - End ## 

be carrefoul: 192.168…100 you find the good thing on the menu DATABASE on Flywheel
and the XXXXX.dev is the name on the site setup . Don’t forget .dev

Record your doc Host.txt
Put the last Host on Host.old
And put the New Host in the repertory drivers/etc/ and rename it host without .txt. without extention

and it’s good
sorry for my english

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If anyone is running into this issue please see Missing Hosts entry.This site may be inaccessible.