When pulling from WPE is the uploads directory included?

When I’m using WPE dashboard, making a pull but not selecting “include database” still pulled the uploads folder with images. I’m wondering if its the same when making a pull using Local, or if images only get pulled when Databases are included?


I was wondering the same thing, I think that are images only included in the initial pull you do if setting up a new site.

I did a pull yesterday and noticed that the media library was showing blank image thumbnails. I manually downloaded the images folder and added it to my local folder and sure enough, the image thumbnails updated and were showing correctly.

So what I’ve noticed is that push and pull using LOCAL - doesn’t update images unless I tell it to include the Database. This is slightly different when using WPE admin area, when you want to copy an env (prod, staging, dev) to another env without selecting include Database WILL include the images directory.

Now if you converted your Devkit site to a local site, I think you can change the .wpe-push-ignore and wpe-pull-ignore to either include or exclude the images directory - I’m not 100% sure though.

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