Why does 3.3 not recognize and update to 5.9?

Issue Summary

Hi. I designed a website that I want to push to WP Engine. After reading their documentation and in the process I realized I didn’t have the WP Engine push capability. I found out I was running version 3.3.0 on my computer. I clicked “about Local” -> “check for updates”, and it says “Local is up to date”. What gives as I just downloaded 5.9 and now I see the capability to push to WP Engine.

  1. How to upgrade 3.3 to 5.9 as my website live there currently
  2. I now have two versions on my computer 5.9 and 3.3, anyway I can extract the website from 3.3 and put it into 5.9 so that I can push this website to WP Engine?

I’m using the Windows version


Local 3.x and Local 5.x are completely different apps.
Easiest way to migrate is to export your site in Local 3, close Local 3, open Local 5, import the zip (drag-and-drop on top of the Local 5 window).
This should work quite seamlessly.

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