Windows 10 Pro - BSOD when launching Local

I’m on Windows 10 Pro x64 (with Hyper-V enabled).
Ordinary Docker for Windows works fine.

When I’m trying to launch Local 2.0.5 or 2.1.0 - I get BSOD with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

Here is a screenshot:

I can provide a dump file that is generated on BSODs if required.

Dell XPS 13", i7 Kaby Lake, 16GB RAM

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Unfortunately, VirtualBox and Hyper-V conflict with each other.

In order to use Local you’ll need to disable Hyper-V. With that said, we do plan on supporting Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro down the road.

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Are there any ETA of that support? Currently, disabling Hyper-V is not an option for me.


Is there any information about the support schedule?

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Sorry for missing your reply!

The best estimate I can give is sometime next year. It’s something we’re definitely interested considering we want to move away from VirtualBox wherever possible.

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Hi @clay, I still have a hope that this problem is somewhere on a roadmap…



Yup! This is planned for 2018.


Awesome, you can count me in as a beta-tester of that integration when (if) needed.

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Hi! Are there any updates regarding this issue?
2018 is slowly coming closer to its end…

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waiting for the update can’t use docket and local fly on one system, I like local but it’s stops us from using docker.

@clay Any updates?

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Local is awesome, but lack of support for Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro is a bit of a non-starter for me. I’ve tried the whole disable/enable thing but it’s a bit of a productivity buzz kill.

Eagerly looking forward to an update on this.

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And 2018 finished, and we’re mid February in 2019… Any news?

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How can it be installed then?

While I can’t understand why local isn’t using docker yet. There is a workaround where you can still have hyper V installed, but disable it in the boot parameters - so all it requires is a reboot to use Local. Would anyone be interested in a guide to set this up?

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PLEASE! post details so anyone interested in installing local, but cannot because of VirtualBox / Hyper-V conflict, Can!

Would super appreciate it if you will share !

You are over 1.5 years late on your promise to resolve this conflict.
You could at least provide an update. You know, good faith communication with interested users. Don’t keep us in limbo. Limbo is the sign of a company destined to abandon all its users.

Are you still working on it?
Have you abandoned the project? (just let us know)
Do you have any work around that potential users can try?

At the very least you can List The VirtualBox / Hyper-V conflict on the downloads page, or system requirements page !!!

It is difficult to find out what the install issue is, even on your website.
This knowledge is too hidden.

You cause countless people to repeat the same frustrating search, even just to learn what the issue is.
You should just state conflict, and basic reasons for the conflict: (docker, default win 10 setup, etc).

I’m certain, many just give up, before even finding out.
And if that part is frustrating enough, why ever look at Flywheel again:

  • That company’s software won’t even install!
  • And the error message is not helpful.
  • And “nothing” useful about the error is on their website. (well, at least not easily found).
  • They aren’t upfront with info.
  • They make empty promises. And don’t communicate.

It’s like a huge dirty secret that you are trying to hide.
Feels Shady.

Better to be upfront, and communicative.

Hi @sheryl,

I’m very sorry for the lack of communication regarding this issue! Considering that Local has been an entirely free product (until recently with the introduction of Local for Teams) that compliments Flywheel’s core hosting product, our priorities frequently change and it can be tough keeping everyone up to date!

Regarding the Hyper-V and VirtualBox conflict, this is something that’s out of our control. What I can say is that we are actively working on removing the dependency of VirtualBox and we have some exciting stuff firmly on the schedule for this summer! The solution we’re implementing will work with Hyper-V.

I completely agree here! Local should be prompting you to disable Hyper-V if Local detects that it’s enabled, but in some cases Local is unable to detect if it is. In which case, I do agree that it can be confusing so I’ll be making sure that the FAQs are updated.

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Just wanting to follow up in this thread that removing VirtualBox as a dependency is moving along and with the release of Local Lightning, you will be able to use Hyper-V alongside Local.

Here are some initial notes on what to expect form Local Lightning:


@ben.turner - this is great news! I don’t know how much you/the team has looked into WSL2 (which should be available this fall and is now available to Insiders), but the way it integrates with Docker on Linux is really slick and may be helpful for the support you’re planning on adding later.

Also, because WSL2 will essentially activate Hyper-V even on Windows 10 Home machines (they won’t get the same abilities as Pro for creating/managing Hyper-V instances), it looks like work is being done to allow VMWare and Virtual Box coexist with Hyper-V, but there isn’t any ETA on when that will happen (and I’m assuming it’ll take updates on all sides to work itself out).

I love Local on my Mac, but am excited to be able to use it on my Windows dev machines again too – the lack of Hyper-V support is a deal-breaker ATM.