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Accessing Local site over local network

Just imported site from ManageWP backup. Site is running well locally on Macbook Pro, but would like to share to co-workers over local network. I see a lot of unanswered threads about this as well as a few recommendations that range from setting up a virtual machine to enabling Live Links, but these approaches seem like overkill. Is there no way to give access by local IP address and unique port number?

Hey @twelvetwo, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local doesn’t have a seamless way of just sharing a site on the local network. Live Links provide a tunnel to the site, but as you mention, that’s not the same things as sharing on the same network.

When you say you want to share with a co-worker, what exactly do you mean?

  • Are you mostly wanting to share a work in progress as a sort of check-in?
  • Or are you wanting to have your co-worker fully interact with the site, even do things like create content and interact with the wp-admin?

For quick sharing of work in progress on the local network, I often turn to BrowserSync. You might be able to have your co-worker log into the wp-admin, but I’ve never really tried that.

If you haven’t done work with BrowserSync, it’s a pretty amazing tool!

Once you have BrowserSync installed, you should be able to start it up to proxy the Local site with something like this:

cd /path/to/wp-content/themes/theme-name
browser-sync start --proxy 'example.local' --files '*.css'

From there, you can use the urls that it mentions to connect from multiple browsers both on the computer, as well as any device on the same network. Any events that are triggered are synchronized across the various attached devices. For example, note in this gif that the scroll event in one browser is synced to the scroll event in the other browser. Note that there is also an “External” url, which is the one you would share with your co-worker:

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