"Auto" theme shows dark during the day and light during the night

Bug Summary

It seems that the “Auto” theme mode works reverse. It makes Local dark during the day and light during the night.

Steps to reproduce

Simply enable auto mode in theme preferences and observe the behavior. Note: It might take closing/reopening it, etc, and eventually it settles on this behavior.

Environment Info

MacBook Pro
Apple M1 Pro
OS: 13.3
Local: v6.7.0+6347

Hey @strategic

The Auto mode in Local should sync with whatever the system preference is versus being time-based for example. Are you able to review your system setting to see if that lines up? Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

My system setting is Auto. And from all I can see, it’s following Day/Night schedule correctly. Also, I just tried it with another app (Slack), and it followed it correctly (turned dark last night, and light today again). Again the Local app seems to be correct in the beginning (e.g. it was dark just now, during daytime, and when I switched from Auto to Light, it did that, and then I existed and returned to the setting and selected Auto, it stayed light), however, as I observed in the past, overtime, it will start inverting the theme – become dark in the day and light in the night.