Can't import site


I know this topic has been covered to some degree but I’ve tried to import a site from a zip and get the 'Error Importing Site:

‘Sorry! We couldn’t figure out what to do with the import file provide it. Please extract it manually.’

First, what does ‘extract it manually’ mean? Can you explain a bit further?

I tried creating a new blank site with LOCAL, then copying over the wp-content folder manually to then do a pull with WP Migrate DB Pro but after setting up the site and visiting it, I never get to the WordPress install - just to a page that says ‘It works!’. What’s missing here?

Alternatively, I exported a previous local site with MAMP Pro and got the same ‘Error Importing Site’ when trying to import that zip file.

What causes this import error? Is it something in the db? An errant php file in the wp-content directory? Database too large? Are there any size limits for the db or wp-content? Any plugins or db table encoding that are known to be incompatible with LOCAL?

It would be great to be able to troubleshoot this a bit more.

Using LOCAL 2.2.3 (latest).



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