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Connect Host: DreamHost.com DreamPress Hosting

I love my DreamPress hosting plan at Dreamhost.com, but it would be even BETTER if it could be connected to Local by Flywheel for local testing & development.

Hosting Provider Details:

  • Name: DreamHost (specifically the DreamPress plans)

  • URL: https://www.dreamhost.com/wordpress/managed-wp-hosting/

  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. (the the best of my knowledge)

    • It is a traditional VPS stack
    • Is it containerized (Docker/k8s)? I don’t know
    • Any sort of infrastructure fine-tuning - They utilize a custom NGINX caching system, I believe
  • Describe how you currently deploy a site from Local to the remote host.
    Currently, I have no simple mechanism for deploying any local work to DreamPress. I have to manually FTP files and use third-party plugins to import database changes. Many settings/configurations have to be manually re-created.

Just came here to say this. Seconded

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Yes, please! I’ve been with Dreamhost for over ten years and would love to connect with Local.


Yes Please!

Badly needed

This would be great! Both for the managed DreamPress hosting, and the manually managed VPS environment.

Yes. Doo eeet! Plz.

Dreamhost is popular with non-profits due to their free non-profit account. They would be a great integration.